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Characterisation of the surface by determination of roughness, dielectric constant of surface material and material density. The chosen antenna points towards surface, radio signal reflects from surface and received on ground. USO unmuted.
The HAA shall be ON to calibrate the sloshing potentially excited by pointing the HGA toward a moon’s Surface.




70-m ground station required because of performance and receiver channel allocations. during GEO and GCO5000.
USO assumed to be ON during these phases: this should be defined in the scenario set-up and not at 3GM observation approach. HAA should be in STANDBY mode at least 48 hours before the gravity measurement. The observation should start with 1 hour of HAA in CALIBRATION mode.
USO is unmuted 4 hours before pointing starts and muted back 4 hours after pointing ends.
any rule that is used to schedule the observation: repetition rules, continuous (plasma instruments), one-off, every orbit, every day, etc
conditions that make the observation not possible (e.g. thruster firing)