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Ganymede Nominal Acquisitions (N2): in low vertical resolution (LR) mode until 9km depth in the Jovian side of Ganymede considering on-board processing with presuming factor Np of 1.




Jovian Side.
any rule that is used to schedule the observation: repetition rules, continuous (plasma instruments), one-off, every orbit, every day, etc
Anti-Jovian Side.
conditions that make the observation not possible (e.g. thruster firing)
Because of the intermittent nature of Jupiter radio emission, and the possibility to produce predictions of its intensity, observations on the Jovian side of Ganymede are in principle possible. A set of 20 high-interest targets, located at the poles or sub-Jovian hemisphere of Ganymede have been selected. These targets require the acquisition of three 800km ground track segments per target, with two parallel to each other and one intersecting the other two at an angle >30°. This represents 60 collects over the course of the GCO500 phase of the mission. Each observation lasts less than 9 minutes, resulting in a total observation time of less than 9 hours over the 60 collects.