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MAJ Standby
After switch-on of MAJIS, the Boot SW automatically starts, and performs the primary boot from the PROM (Init fugitive BSW mode).
After processor modules initialization, the Boot software goes to STANDBY mode. By default, the ASW Image0 (stored in MRAM0 = ASM0) is autonomously loaded after a timeout of 30 seconds. MAJIS then enters into ASW init Mode and then into SAFE mode.
In STANDBY Mode, all channels are off, and only DPU HK SID1 are received.
MAJIS needs to be maintained in STANDBY mode using the TC(17,1) in the following cases :
- upload (using service 6) of new ASW images (or CUSW, or firmware) into MRAM: FCP-MAJ-070 describes the maintenance process.
- upload a new BROWSE Table FCP-MAJ-060 into MRAM
- select ASW Image1 and then start ASW Image 1 instead of teh default ASW Image0. FCP-MAJ-062
- any other update of MRAM using service 6




<7000 ON/OFF (RD JUI-IAS-MAJ-MO-007-1.0 MAJIS RID EE-EMC21_ ONOFF component lifecyle analysis), ME temperature > -20°C
any rule that is used to schedule the observation: repetition rules, continuous (plasma instruments), one-off, every orbit, every day, etc
conditions that make the observation not possible (e.g. thruster firing)