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MAJIS Jupiter Auroral Mapping (similar to MAJIS_JUP_DISK_SCAN but for high latitudes during high inclination phase)
Observations of Jupiter aurorae.
Scanning the instrument slit over Jovian disc by means of internal pointing mirror, 200 lines.
Pointing type: YS, NADIR with fixed offset around Y (‘nadir offset MAJIS scan’)
satellte orientation: HORIZONTAL
Duration: 37 min (200 lines <-> typical size of latitudes where polar ovals are observed)


nadir offset


To be performed systematically during the high inclination phase. Regular observations every Jupiter rotation.(pericenter segments) Priorities for periods of highest sub-spacecraft latitudes Observations are performed around the time when sub-spacecraft points passes the 180° System III longitude (better visibility of North Polar Oval)
any rule that is used to schedule the observation: repetition rules, continuous (plasma instruments), one-off, every orbit, every day, etc
conditions that make the observation not possible (e.g. thruster firing)