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UVS Jupiter SP Solar Occultati
The large solar disc and the substantial distance from Jupiter mean that this will not provide the same vertical resolution as stellar occultations, but are useful for measurements of minor/trace constituents due to high S/N. This uses a fixed scan through the Solar Port (SP) at a selected RA and DEC, holding the pointing for an extended amount of time. Note: Here histograms, but pixellist mode possible.




- Event driven (both ingress and egress). - 3 or more events during the tour. Mix of low-latitude and mid-latitude events (so include one or more occultations during the high inclination phase) Synergistic observations with SWI. (no solar occult with MAJIS)..
any rule that is used to schedule the observation: repetition rules, continuous (plasma instruments), one-off, every orbit, every day, etc
conditions that make the observation not possible (e.g. thruster firing)