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ansa2_phaseSolar phase angle at Ansa2
ansa1_phaseSolar phase angle at Ansa1
ring_sc_elevationSC elevation above the rings
ring_sun_elevationSun elevation above the rings
bitrate_totalMaximum bit rate total
bitrate_kamaxMaximum bit rate in Ka band
bitrate_xmaxMaximum bit rate in X band
traj_rpDistance of perijove
traj_eccTrajectory eccentricit
traj_incTrajectory inclination
beta_angleAngle between S/C Ganymede orbit plane normal vector and Sun direction
ang_sc_hga_2_sunangle HGA to Sun
ang_sc_hga_2_earthangle HGA to Earth
ang_sc_z_2_ioangle between S/C +Z axis and Io center direction
ang_sc_z_2_calangle between S/C +Z axis and Callisto center direction
ang_sc_z_2_ganangle between S/C +Z axis and Ganymede center direction
ang_sc_z_2_eurangle between S/C +Z axis and Europa center direction
ang_sc_z_2_jupangle between S/C +Z axis and Jupiter center direction
ang_jei_corotationangle JEI to corotation direction
ang_jdc_corotationangle JDC to corotation direction
sc_jup_sc_ama_angAngle Jupiter-Amalthea as seen from SC
jup_cal_sc_angAngle Jupiter-Callisto-SC
jup_eur_sc_angAngle Jupiter-Europa-SC
jup_gan_sc_angAngle Jupiter-Ganymede-SC
jup_io_sc_angAngle Jupiter-Io-SC
io_ang_diamio angular diameter
ssc_io_latsub-spacecraft io latitude
ssc_io_lonsub-spacecraft io longitude
ssc_callisto_latsub-spacecraft callisto latitude
ssc_callisto_lonsub-spacecraft callisto longitude
ssc_ganymede_latsub-spacecraft ganymede latitude
ssc_ganymede_lonsub-spacecraft ganymede longitude
ssc_europa_latsub-spacecraft europa latitude
ssc_europa_lonsub-spacecraft europa longitude
ganymede_ang_diamganymede angular diameter
callisto_ang_diamcallisto angular diameter
europa_ang_diameuropa angular diameter
ang_nim_fov_ram_eurAngle NIM boresight to Sc velocity vector wrt Europa
ang_nim_fov_ram_calAngle NIM boresight to Sc velocity vector wrt Callisto
ang_nim_fov_ram_ganAngle NIM boresight to Sc velocity vector wrt Ganymede
dist2csSC distance to current sheet
sc_mag_latSC magnetic latitude
sc_mag_lonSC magnetic longitude
b_field_strengthstrength of the B field at S/C location
pitch_angleAngle Sc-Z axis to local B field
dust_impact_velDust impact speed
dust_ram_sc_velAngle dust ram to Sc/vel
dist2jupiterSC distance to Jupiter
phase25507355073-SC solar phase angle
dist255073SC distance to 255073
phase25507255072-SC solar phase angle
dist255072SC distance to 255072
phase25507155071-SC solar phase angle
dist255071SC distance to 255071
phase25507055070-SC solar phase angle
dist255070SC distance to 255070
phase25506955069-SC solar phase angle
dist255069SC distance to 255069
phase25506855068-SC solar phase angle
dist255068SC distance to 255068
phase25506755067-SC solar phase angle
dist255067SC distance to 255067
phase25506655066-SC solar phase angle
dist255066SC distance to 255066
phase25506555065-SC solar phase angle
dist255065SC distance to 255065
phase25506455064-SC solar phase angle
dist255064SC distance to 255064
phase25506355063-SC solar phase angle
dist255063SC distance to 255063
phase25506255062-SC solar phase angle
dist255062SC distance to 255062
phase25506155061-SC solar phase angle
dist255061SC distance to 255061
phase25506055060-SC solar phase angle
dist255060SC distance to 255060
phase2herseherse-SC solar phase angle
dist2herseSC distance to herse
phase2korekore-SC solar phase angle
dist2koreSC distance to kore
phase2cyllenecyllene-SC solar phase angle
dist2cylleneSC distance to cyllene
phase2eukeladeeukelade-SC solar phase angle
dist2eukeladeSC distance to eukelade
phase2carpocarpo-SC solar phase angle
dist2carpoSC distance to carpo
phase2helikehelike-SC solar phase angle
dist2helikeSC distance to helike
phase2kallichorekallichore-SC solar phase angle
dist2kallichoreSC distance to kallichore
phase2archearche-SC solar phase angle
dist2archeSC distance to arche
phase2thelxinoethelxinoe-SC solar phase angle
dist2thelxinoeSC distance to thelxinoe
phase2aoedeaoede-SC solar phase angle
dist2aoedeSC distance to aoede
phase2mnememneme-SC solar phase angle
dist2mnemeSC distance to mneme
phase2hegemonehegemone-SC solar phase angle
dist2hegemoneSC distance to hegemone

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